I am rather satisfied with my job, but I am always opened to the new serious opportunities.
However I wouldn't answer if I get a bulk-email (it is not addressed to me, or states that you have a zillion open positions, or starts with "Hello dear friend" instead of my name).

I am not interested in positions that require relocation

Currently I do not consider short-time positions, or positions not for SDE/SDET.

I apologize, but I cannot answer everyone who just want to chat, discuss my work situation and tell me about my bright future. I would like to talk to you, but I have too many requests and I cannot answer everyone. My resume is here, feel free to get a copy.

I try to answer everyone who: If you cannot provide me with these three items - I cannot answer you, and I apologize for that!

If you "found my resume in your company's database" then please delete it. :-) I maintain my database only here, at Monster and Dice. If you have a local copy - then it's definitely outdated!

I am not a licensed recruiter, so I cannot provide you with the list of my friends who looks for jobs.

Still want to call me? Please don't, I don't pick calls from unrecognized numbers. But I'll always read your email, I promise.

You may download my freshest resume here in different formats: HTML, PDF, OpenOffice and Microsoft Word (DOCX), Microsoft Word (DOC).
All documents above have the same content, just in different format for your convenience.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail "max at tegatega dot com" (Replace "at" with "@" and "dot" with ".")
My LinkedIn profile