Maxim VeliTchko

Employment Record

Dec 2009 – Present

Software developer (SDET)

Microsoft Corp., Redmond WA, USA

Windows Performance Test

Windows 8 Performance Telemetry – PerfTrack backend

Planned and developed from scratch a framework for testing a performance data collection and analysis service. Established end-to-end processes for the Test's part of system releases.

Implemented comprehensive test coverage for the system, including end-to-end, Web UI and performance tests (MsTest, C#, WTT, Powershell). Proposed and created tools for overall system analysis.

Proposed Privacy analysis framework. Implemented it and setup for unattended run.

Work in collaboration with other teams to ensure product quality at “joint points”.

Implemented substantial changed in the product itself (C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server).

Nov 2008 – Dec 2009

Software developer (SDET)

Microsoft Corp. (via Longtop International), Redmond WA, USA

Fundamentals Test

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

Development of Test Framework for the needs of our project, and other projects inside the team.

Preparing of the test plan. Prototyping and implementation of test cases.

Black box and white box testing, code coverage analysis. Development of the full range of unit tests. Localization issues.

Application Experience Online Services

Performance measurement and stress tests of AEOS web services based on Visual Studio Team System. Analyzing of required performance scenarios, design and development of performance analysis tests. Benchmark analysis. Web services performance and system capacity analysis.

Performance measurements, collecting and analysis of performance results.

May 2000 – August 2008

Software developer

Anritsu A/S (ex. Nettest A/S), Denmark

Service Assurance division, MasterClaw project, CDB

Development of the database gateway server that provides rich interfaces to other applications of the MasterClaw suite, which is used for network monitoring and service assurance in telecommunication industry. The server supports flexible data model with transparent upgrades and strong data integrity functionality.

Main features include system specific data definition language, data replication between servers, support of data change notifications. The system uses Oracle RDBMS as its back-end and is designed with DBMS independence in mind (Sybase or Mysql can be supported.) Amongst the most important requirements are ability to handle multiple requests in parallel, robustness and stability, portability, ability to monitor and debug client applications. The server is the next generation of previously existing legacy software.

I am responsible for the whole product life cycle – starting from requirement capture and software design to actual implementation, unit testing and internal technical support and user documentation drafts. The product had several major releases and life cycle iterations. It has multiple installations as a part of the MasterClaw suite worldwide. The project development team consisted from 1 to 4 persons depending on the load. Tight collaboration with the product team worldwide.

The product implementation is in Java and Oracle. Corba is used as a network communication layer. Related technologies are used actively inside the product (parser generation, XML, object persistence etc.) C++ and Python are used as well.

Development is done on Linux, Tru64 Unix, Microsoft Windows. Shell scripting and PHP, Cygwin are actively used. Several open source products are used. Automatic WYSIWYG documentation generation from Wiki sources.

October 1998 – April 2000

Software Developer

SWSoft Pte Ltd, Singapore

Pervasive SQL 2000, Galileo (Pervasive Software) project.

Lead project developer. Design and developing of GUI administration utilities for replication engine. The tool was developed using Pervasive SQL 2000 DBMS, Microsoft Visual C++, ATL, MFC. Small team (2-4 developers) leadership, collaboration with overseas partner.

Solomon IV (Solomon Software, currently part of Microsoft Dynamics) project.

Responsible for maintainable (primarily kernel) and development of financial software system.

November 1993 – October 1998

Lead Developer

Diasoft, Russia

Depository Department.

Development of accounting software for banks and securities market. Technical administration of the project (procedures establishment, releases etc.) Client/server database design and development.

October 1992 – December 1993


Research Computing Center of Moscow State University

Parallel computing

Developing of libraries for porting existing MS-DOS software (both console and GUI) to SunOS with preserving of original application code. X-Lib, X-Windows.



MS in CS

Moscow State University, Russia

Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics

Specialization: Applied mathematics-System programming

Graduated with diploma “The Developing of The Shell of Syntax-Controlled Editor of The System of Motivated Programming”, The Chair of System Programming.


Programming languages and technologies:

C#, C, C++, Windows PowerShell, Java, Python, Perl, Bash, Ksh, STL, ATL, JDBC

DHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP, AJAX, XML, DokuWiki

SOAP, Web Services, Corba ORB, XML-RPC

Office Open XML, Oasis Open Document Format


RedHat/Fedora Linux, Tru64 Unix, SunOS

Microsoft Windows: from NT 3.1 to Windows 8/Windows Server 2008

Microsoft Visual Studio, Java SDK, Numega SoftIce

Database development:

Microsoft SQL Server 6.0-2008, Sybase SQL Server 4.2-11.5, Oracle RDBMS, MySQL







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